IMAP client

OpenSubmitter provides a wrapper for imap-simple + Mailparser modules, making the task to download & parse emails a bit easier.
This template provides a fully working example of downloading emails from IMAP server and displaying it in OpenSubmitter's results table. Here are some key points of this template:

1. Provide IMAP configuration

const imapConfig = {
    imap: {
        user: "",
        password: "the_password",
        host: "",
        port: 993, // Usually it is this port

        // Other options from imap-simple
        tls: true,
        tlsOptions: { rejectUnauthorized: false },
        authTimeout: 10000

2. Use getIMAPMessages method for messages retrieval.

const messages = await this.getIMAPMessages(imapConfig);

for (const message of messages) {

    let messageUID = message.UID;
    let fromMail = message.from;
    let subject = message.subject;
    let body = message.body


3. Use deleteIMAPMessage method to remove messages.

await this.deleteIMAPMessage(message.UID);

4. Use imap-simple directly if needed.

const imapsimple = require('imap-simple');

console.log('opening an IMAP connection');
let IMAPConnection = null;
try {
    IMAPConnection = await imapsimple.connect(imapConfig);
} catch (e) {
    console.log('could not open connection '+(e as String).toString());
    return null;

console.log('opening mail INBOX')
await IMAPConnection.openBox('INBOX');

console.log('getting list of messages from INBOX')
const messages = await['ALL'], { bodies: [''], struct: true });