This documentation describes how you can program templates for OpenSubmitter app. A template is a script, written in TypeScript, the advanced version of JavaScript. OpenSubmitter provides a platform to compile and run these scripts at end-user PC in multi-threaded environment, without a need to setup any additional software like NodeJS executables.

Templates may utilize the following capabilities:

  • Headless (or window-less) Chromium navigation and manipulation with Puppeteer.
  • Axios network library.
  • Captcha solving with Anti-Captcha.
  • Provide various custom settings to a user in UI: select a files to read/write, text inputs, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.
  • Output log entries in UI.
  • Generate table with job results in UI.
  • Interact with IMAP servers.
  • Use other built-in NodeJS libraries.

Let's see a basic template example which utilizes Puppeteer-Chromium, which opens a web page and saves it's content to a user-defined file.

You may also be interested in this link to our Github directory, full of template examples.