Export API

There are cases when your template needs to export some data to external file in a specific format, like CSV, JSON, etc. There's API designed for this purpose.

First, you need to add UserSetting of type ExportFile to the config.userSettings:

config: TemplateConfig = {

    // Name and description to display in OpenSubmitter's UI:
    name: '....',
    description: '...',

    // User's settings for OpenSubmitter UI:
    userSettings: [
            type: 'ExportFile',
            name: 'outputFile',
            title: 'Where to export the data',
            value: 'CSV',
            fileName: "",
            required: false,
            uiWidth: 100

Which provides user a setting which looks like this, where user can create a new file and select the output format:

During task execution you then use the postResultToStorage method, where you specify property list and their values. It appends data to a storage in OpenSubmitter's memory.

    fields: ['server', 'port', 'email', 'login', 'password'],
    values: {
        'server':   task.data.imapServer,
        'port':     task.data.imapPort,
        'email':    task.data.email,
        'login':    task.data.emailLogin,
        'password': task.data.emailPassword

At the end of all task OpenSubmitter exports collected records to the specified file. See the full example in manage-results-example.ts template.